COMPATECH LTD, with over 23 years experience in electrical, automation and electronics, offers standard and custom solutions for your application:


Controlled Rectifiers for:

- Electroplating

- Automation

- Battery Charger

- Static Exciter System for Large Turbo-Generators


Full Electronic AC Voltage Stabilizers:

- Single-Phase

- Three-Phase


Automation Equipments:

- Cable Test Facility to Double-Bending

- Nurse Call Device

- Cable Test System to Breakdown Voltage up to 36kV

- Thermo-Mechanical Stress Test System for Energy Cables


Various Devices:

- 8 × DC Solid State Relay 24V/6A

- Li-Ion Battery Testing Device

- Insulation Resistance Meter for DC Supplied Equipments

- Various Electric Transformers and Coils

- Over-Voltage Protection Device